About Us

Clean Energy and Sustainable Farming Innovation

Agri-Light Africa is a development organization providing advanced Agrivoltaics and Precision Agriculture Technologies to build strong, self-sustaining Agri-Energy Communities in Africa, integrating crop cultivation within photovoltaic/solar installations for best dual land use.

With rising global demand for food, there is an urgent need to find climate-smart ways to intensify agricultural production. As the population expands, agribusinesses not only needs to fight food losses but also produce and process at least 70% more food on the same amount of agricultural land to feed the continent. Identifying means by which clean energy technology can be used to intensify agricultural production and facilitate processing is crucial for Agri-Light Africa to help the continent meet this demand.

Our research practices have helped address critical development challenges and contributed to achieving various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including food security, employment and enterprise creation, and climate action.

We have become a hub for innovation and knowledge transfer in Africa. Our expertise has helped build other research centres in Agriculture and energy and expanded research on green energy solutions for agriculture, boost the continent economic growth and creating decent jobs in a sustainable industry.

We collaborate with other ecosystem actors, including development partners, financing institutions, local implementation partners and academia, to fully unleash the potential of green energy solutions for agriculture and create a thriving and competitive industry.

Agri-Light Africa is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with other offices in South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Main Objectives

  • Providing advanced Agrivoltaics and Precision Agriculture Technologies
  • Promotion of green energy solutions for sustainable agriculture in Africa that have multiple benefits for the economy and population.
  • As a frontier of science and agricultural research in Africa, perform high-calibre research that is globally relevant to guide the emergence of sustainable agricultural and food production systems.

Pioneer of Agrivoltaic in Africa

The solution: combine agriculture and photovoltaics

Our Values

Agri-Light Afrca is a player committed to the development of sustainable agriculture and places the farmer at the heart of project development: listening to needs, proposing solutions and providing support throughout the life of the project.

A multidisciplinary and committed team

Agri-Light Africa integrates a particularly multidisciplinary team: agricultural engineers, agricultural specialists, mechanical and electrical engineers, but also data scientists, machine learning specialists. The entire Agri-Light Africa team shares strong convictions and the desire to offer meaningful solutions for the agricultural world.

Our ambition

Contribute, through innovation and the development of new technologies, to the resilience of crops suffering from climate change.