What We Do

Agri-Light Africa provides advanced Agrivoltaics and Precision Agriculture Technologies to build strong, self-sustaining Agri-Energy Communities in Africa.

Our Services

We supply Agrivoltaic solutions that maximizes efficient use of solar energy and land to generate electricity while improving agricultural yield; and especially communities that are disconnected from a centralized electricity supply grid. The Agri-Voltaic solution will enhance food production, availability of electricity and water security.

AU-EU Programmes

We have implemented successfully AU-EU Projects. Through research  of appropriate technologies at the local level, and together with our partners such as AU and EU, we have contributed to achieving various SDGs including food security, employment, enterprise creation and climate action.

Be Our Partner

Agri-Light Africa is focused on being an integral part of the exciting renewable energy revolution in Africa and keen to attract the best and most qualified global partners in this goal. Our partnerships foster collaboration in sustainable agriculture, digital transformation and green transition & energy access fields.

Other Solutions

Apart from the Agri-Voltaic system that we supply, we provide the advanced Precision Agriculture Technologies and Methodologies that enhance food production security to the Agri-Communities we serve along with the Agrivoltaic Systems. Our areas of expertise in this sector include: Latest irrigation, IoT sensors, water saving solutions to enhance crop output production.

Our Collaborators